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Remembering everything you read is a superpower

Spaced repetition gives you this super-power [1]. It asks you questions at increasing intervals until something is in your longterm memory. Instead of trying to cram for an exam in a week, you spend 5 minutes spread across 3 months and learn effortlessly.

The most popular spaced-repetition tool is Anki.

Anki has two big flaws:

😴 Making questions and flashcards to learn is really slow and tedious

🙇‍♂️ It relies on your willpower to sit down everyday and do 10-15 minutes of question answering

We're fixing this with a chrome extension that enables you to learn anything you read

  1. You highlight a passage you want to remember
  2. Our NLP models automatically generate questions and their answers
  3. We add these flashcards to your Anki deck

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[1]: Read this Michael Nielsen essay if your skeptical http://augmentingcognition.com/ltm.html

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